Pokemon Wants List!

Charabottlin Figure
Metal figures
Canvas plush
Mega Blok
Clear TOMY figure
Clear TOMY figure (sparkle ver.)
1:1 scale talking plush (with working voicebox)
1/40 scale zukan
Jirachi With You can badge (original design)
Jirachi With You metal charm
"Cosmic Psychics" merch
Rumble U figure
Talking McDonalds figure
PokePark coin
Movie coin
DX Pokedoll
Movie promo mini mascot plush
Jirachi swing charm(?)
Bell keychain
Bottlecap figure
Basic Fun Keychain with Pokeball
10th Movie Commemoration Half-deck
Poncho Pikachu mascot and regular-size plush
Tohoku opening acrylic charm
Poncho Pikachu charm
Footprint/Dex figure
TCG coins
Candy+Ball figure
Sanei plush
Pokemon Center plush
Movie keychain charms (with Absol, Groudon)
Resin cube figure
TOMY Recall plush
Yawarakai plush
Reversible Pokeball Plush
Hand puppet
Petit Pastel mascot plush
TOMY Keychain plush
"Mitten" puppet
DX Pikachu + Jirachi
Plush purse(s) (Plush face coin purse acquired; are there more?)
Jakks plush
Mini Pokedoll
Cushion-style plush
Bento eraser
Terrycloth Pokedoll
"Sandwich" gacha
Jirachi With You "Thank You For Cheering!" can badge
PEZ Dispenser
Bath puppet
Banpresto DX Plush
Ugly bootleg figures (LOL)
Choco Wafer tin
Gold minicot
Mini gachapon machine
Pokedoll figure
Data Carrier figure
Chou Get figure
Pencil topper figure
PokePark charm
Toifuru swing figure

Metal figures
Bell plush (in box)
Zukan (entire evo line preferred!)
Ichiban Kuji Wa Modern Art hand towel
Ichiban Kuji Wa Modern Art tote bag
TCG coin(s?)
Six-pointed coin
Sealdass sticker(s)
Carddass card(s)
MIP TOMY figures (non-Auldey)
Other releases of TOMY figures, ie. Hasbro figure sets, etc.
FCS figure
In-case figure
Franco & Son bath toy
Pokemon Fit plush (US tag)

Paras/Parasect zukan
Shroomish/Breloom zukan
Paras/Parasect stamp figures
Jakks Breloom figure
Paras Applause plush
Paras/Parasect big can badges
Paras/Parasect Fit plush
Other mushroom-themed Pokemon goods (passively collecting)